“Ready or Not” Lyric Video by Britt Nicole

Every now and then, I find myself attached to a song. What I mean attached, I mean I play it as often as I can because it totally inspires me, fills me up with joy and gets me pumped. The song I currently find myself “attached” to, is Britt Nicole’s “Ready or Not” featuring Lecrae. It’s an amazing song with lyrics that represent a strong message. Take a look for yourself, as the video below is a lyric video.


Why Just Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I apologize for my lack of activity on here, there is no good excuse, so I’m not going to waste your time giving you one.

Today starts off like any other day, I wake up, shower, have breakfast and I look to see what’s happened or is happening on facebook.  Facebook has extra activity today, which of course is because it’s Thanksgiving.  Everyone is telling the facebook world what, who and why they are thankful.  Some do it because they truly mean it, some do it because everyone else is and some do it just because it’s the thing you do on Thanksgiving.  As I sat at my computer scrolling down my newsfeed looking at everyone’s Thanksgiving posts, I started to wonder, “Why just today?  Why just on Thanksgiving?”  Why do we only do posts like this on Thanksgiving?  Why don’t we thank the people in our lives more often?  Why don’t we show appreciation for what we are so grateful for and thankful to have in our lives everyday?  Why?

If you are expecting me to give you the answer to this question at the end of the post, then I am going to end up letting you down.  I don’t have an answer to this question.  I honestly don’t know why we don’t do this everyday, there is no excuse or valid reason to why we don’t.  There really is no excuse.

Now, I may not have an answer to give you but what I have to give you, is the encouragement to not make Thanksgiving or any other holiday the only days we show our appreciation and thankfulness to the people we have in our lives.  Life is short and when we don’t appreciate what we have, we tend to lose everything.  Let’s make everyday Thanksgiving!  Tell people how much we appreciate them on a daily basis.  Be thankful for what we have everyday, not just on Thanksgiving.  If we wait till Thanksgiving, then there is a good chance we really aren’t truly thankful.  Let’s not let our thankfulness be an empty thank you.

Proverbs 17:17 – “A Friend loves at ALL times.”

I Chronicles 16:8 – “Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.”

Rion Paige 4 Chair Audition

Rion Paige sings with an abundance amount amount of passion, joy and sincerity. When she sings, I feel emotions building up inside of me. She is amazing and has nothing to do with her difference. Well, actually it has everything to do with her difference because I believe her difference has allowed here to have the heart that she has. Rion is amazing and I am rooting for her, for her amazing heart.

“Grace Unplugged” – Movie Trailer

GRACE UNPLUGGED, hits theaters October 4, 2013

GRACE UNPLUGGED is an inspirational movie starring Amanda “AJ” Michalka as 18-year-old Christian singer/songwriter, Grace Rose Trey. Beautiful, highly talented and restless, Grace is undiscovered outside church, where she performs each Sunday with her gifted father, Johnny. A former rock star, Johnny Trey charted a Billboard number one single 20 years ago. When the hits stopped coming, he crash-landed hard before finding Christ and starting a new life for his family, far from the Hollywood Hills.

One day without warning, Grace leaves for Los Angeles. She has landed a record deal with the help of Johnny’s ruthless former manager and producer, “Mossy” Mostin. Mossy sees in Grace a potential pop superstar. Cutting off contact with her parents, Grace seems prepared to walk away from her Christian faith and music to achieve her long-suppressed fantasy of Hollywood superstardom. Will the experience cause her to reject her faith, or rediscover it?

GRACE UNPLUGGED Trailer, Directed by Brad J Silverman Starring AJ Michalka, James Denton and Kevin Pollak Brad J. Silverman